Redecorating? Renovating? Just repainting? Consider a lighting designer. A designer will work with you beautify your home with luxurious illumination and just the right fixtures.


If you are planning a new home, renovation, or redecoration, all the elements in the new rooms are ‘there’ because you see them because they are ‘lit’. And the way they are illuminated will determine the mood, utility, visibility, style, of all the parts of your new room. Proper illumination even affects your health and well-being. The Basics Will there be enough light? Will there be glare? Will I have the right color temperature? Will the LEDs have a warm glow like an old school incandescent bulb? Can an LED dim… all the way down evenly? Yes, no, yes, maybe, yes! A good lighting designer will help bring your vision to life and your lifestyle to your vision through proper illumination.


Light changes your perception and affects your cognition, energy, hormones and sleep. Light can close your iris and make it appear dark sooner… or keep you safe, comfortable and extend the evening. Lighting designers can also be called shadow designers, because they don’t just fill a space with light. Your eyes need darkness to perceive light, contrast and drama. Carefully manipulated light can even help you see out your windows for more hours each day.

Set a mood, for life

Candles add romance, sunlight invigorates. Dark reds and oranges relax, while blue tones enhance alertness. Lighting designers have a toolbag of techniques to make your home or workspace more relaxing or more energetic. Too many rooms use recessed cans that shine in your face while you relax or are lit from just the ceiling. Light, artfully designed, triggers neurological responses in your limbic brain that helps your mood. As we grow older, our need for light can increase in magnitude as much as four times. Proper light reduces the chance for falls and even reduces symptoms of dementia. A lighting designer will plan for this.


Advanced LED technology and controls now let you change your colors to match the time of day or to evoke the mood and style you prefer. Use the slider to see the effect a little color brings to this room.